Park overview

The SchieferErlebnis park has sections for content and spatial

  • Interaction - Fossils knock course and adventure playground
  • Entertainment - outdoor stage
  • Communication - Restaurant "Am rail Fersee"
  • Nature - Landscape with lake

    'Am Schiefersee' Restaurant

    Our family-friendly restaurant provides space for around 70 people and on the outdoor lakeside terrace for up to 100. Ideal for family and company parties. The restaurant serves regional and seasonal dishes. Further up-to-date information can be found here

    Fossil collecting zone

    The 'Excavation Site' is an adventure for hunters and explorers young and old! Old snake stones and lots of other fossils, dating back 180 million years, can by very simple means be found in the oil shale and, of course, also taken home.
    As a special service, our fossil preparator, Fritz Lörcher, is available to help you right here on site.

    Mining playground

    The ideal place for playing and romping around! It consists of a prehistoric world featuring wood, rocks, sand and gravel, plus 8-metre high towers to climb up, play on and slide down.  Further highlights: the concrete landscape, the tide well and the equipment for conveying materials. What children find here is everything they need for imaginative play: natural materials and lots of free space.

    Open-air stage and lands

    The spacious amphitheatre with its open-air stage turns concerts, plays, films and more a special experience. The open-air auditorium has a capacity of around 400, while the full open-air complex can hold as many as 5,000.

    Ideal for company events and festivals of every kind and as a site for exhibitions and trade shows.


    From shale quarry to the 'SchieferErlebnis' world of shale adventure - a reclamation project of a very special kind.
    For the Dotternhausen cement works oil shale is a major and important raw material. Up until the year 2000, it was extracted from the land between the cements works and the Parish of Dormettingen.


    Students had the idea - Creative designers implemented an integrated concept. The initial idea emerged in the summer of 2009 when Dormettingen Parish Council took up an invitation from Holcim (Süddeutschland) GmbH to see a Holcim Switzerland quarry in Hüntwangen that had already been reclaimed. Inspired by what they saw, the wheels were put in motion for the shale adventure landscape idea.

    Subsidy scheme

    Beautiful landscapes make up part of Europe's character. LEADER is a subsidy scheme run by the EU and the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg to promote innovative strategies and projects in rural areas.

    A joint project being run by Holcim and the Parish of Dormettingen